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I've been working on a succession (not the TV show, IYKYK) of works which have been making their way around galleries and publications across the U.K. 'Wild Flowers Listening' has just finished it run at the Open Gallery in Halifax and 'Flight Over Land and Sea' is currently featured in the May issue of Artist Talk Magazine.

'Wild flowers Listening' 2023



My latest work focuses on abstract interpretations of aerial landscapes woven around myths and journeys. The aim is to produce eight large pieces on canvas. The first of these is 'Dusk Traveller', which was inspired by by the John Clare poem 'The Badger'.

I've lost count of the number of layers of paint here, but I really wanted to allow each colour to form it's own narrative as I chipped away at the surface. I have been obsessively watching Gerhard Richter documentaries and admire how his work evolved right up until the very last pass.

'Dusk Traveller' 2023


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