• Fiona Stewart

Art in Detail


“Marshy waters ripple on the shore edge as the sunlight’s fractured beam looms close”.

This piece is from the 'REFLECTIONS' portion of my collection and captures a moment of tranquility on the water’s edge. It's one of the larger works from the show measuring 700 x 700mm.

I wanted each layer of acrylic and ink to reflect how the water moves.

"Heavy Body" Liquitex Green applied in in thick layers directly onto wood

Things are getting messy!

A sheet of glass is placed over the wood along with coarse layers of yellow and white paint.

Paint on glass layer

The finished result.

Loch Lomond: Just out of view are the countless Scotsmen in kilts - glory!

Waters edge, on the Bonnie Banks

Serpent Stone, Loch Lomond
"The wee birdies sing and the wild flowers spring And in sunshine the waters are sleeping But the broken heart it kens nae second spring again And the waefu' may cease frae their greetin"

My father (Scotch Bob) born, Robert Douglas Stewart (an engineer on the Glasgow Shipyards) would speak often of Loch Lomond’s beauty, but it would be some thirteen years after his passing that I would eventually journey to the bonnie banks and experience the great loch's mysteries for myself.

Scotch Bob, 1970(ish)

I would love to explore Scotland and Glasgow in particular in much more detail - with the hopes of exhibiting there in the future.

I'm ending this with a sentimental mush of a moment and including a clip of Billy Connelly, who also worked on the Glasgow shipyards, singing "Oh I wish I was in Glasgow"