• Fiona Stewart

It's been a while

In the words of the Smithereens,

'Woke up Groovy on Tuesday'.

I trust you all had a sweet bank holiday break. Mine was spent switched off and shutdown; it was bliss.

So, what's new I hear to ask... okay, let's do a rundown - are you ready?

  1. Working on series of pieces, which will form the basis of a new show for 2019

  2. Awaiting the arrival a new piece of machinery (part of iDA award - more on that very soon)

  3. In talks with a charity about blogging and producing some artwork

  4. Adopted 2 stray cats

  5. Bought my first ever Arches Art Block

  6. Attended a record breaking 6 hospital appointments in May (more coming in June FML)

  7. Met my new Neuro team at Belfast City Hospital

  8. Had an epic conversation with a taxi driver about Neil Diamond

  9. Celebrated my niece's 19th birthday - where has the time gone?