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Fiona Stewart was born in rural Northern Ireland and currently works as a creative for a PR company. She is a member of the Union of Graphic Designers for Film and Television. 

Since 2015, Fiona’s work has been exhibited in galleries across London and Belfast, including a group show with the Northern Ireland Arts and Film Festival in 2017 ("Gene series I & II") ;a solo show at the UoA Gallery, Belfast in 2019 and a group show in Holy Art Gallery, London in 2021 ("Disturbance in the City"). In 2019 she was a recipient of the iDA Award on behalf of the Arts Council Northern Ireland. She has produced commissions for award-winning playwright, Lorna French and Irish poet, Patrick Walsh. 



Artists Responding To Magazine

Print Edition - Issue 8

'Songs of the Sea' series

October 2023

Artist Talk Magazine

Print Edition - Issue 25

'Flight Over Land and Sea' 

May 2023

Open Gallery 

Group Exhibition - Spring

'Wildflowers Listening' 

Halifax, May 2023


House of Smalls Gallery 

Group Exhibition - Walk the Line

'Interrupted Dream' 

Gloucester, March 2023

Cista Arts 

Group Exhibition - Inspired by Love

'Flight Over Land and Sea'

'Views of Lake and Sky'

London, February - March 2023

Dwell Time Press

Award winning non-for-profit Arts Publication

Virtual  - Issue 3

'Views Over Lake and Sky'

London, August 2022


Irish Poet, Paddy Walsh

Commission - Book

'Rockpool Alley'

Ireland, 2022      

Holy Art Gallery

Group  Exhibition - Infinity


'Moonlight Dancers'

London, May 2021

Online Auction

Curator 'Soup' Art of Elysium

'Smoke and Shadows'

Los Angeles, 2021

Arts Council Northern Ireland

Winner of iDA Award

Belfast, April 2019

Solo Exhibition in UoA Gallery

Solo Exhibition

'Frances, Refections and Roses'

Belfast, August - September 2019

Award-winning playwright, Lorna French


'Mya Angelou'

Birmingham, 2019


NI Mental Health Arts & Film Festival

Group Exhibition - Time To Change 

'Gene Series 1 & 2'

Northern Ireland, 2017 


Wot is Art Magazine

Feature in Wot is Art Magazine  

London, 2017


In times of crisis, the landscape becomes a poignant mirror reflecting our collective emotions. Fiona's work delves into the intricacies of how we perceive and interpret landscapes amidst turmoil, exploring the profound connections between external environments and internal states of being. Through layers of texture, color, and symbolism, she seeks to evoke the complexities of human experience in the face of adversity. Each brushstroke and composition serves as a visual narrative, inviting viewers to contemplate the shifting dynamics of beauty, fragility, and transformation within our surroundings. 

Working primarily on canvas, glass and paper, Fiona combines abstract marks with textural layers to create pieces filled with a rugged evocative energy. 


Francis, Reflections and Roses – a Life Magnified

August 2019

Bounce Arts Festival

Francis, Reflections and Roses – a Life Magnified

August 2019

Holy Art 



Moonlight Dancers

May 2021


Holy Art

Exhibition Marketing

May 2021

Dwell Time Press 

Views of Lake and Skies

Exhibition Marketing

August 2022

Cista Arts

Inspired by Love

Exhibition Marketing


Cista Arts

View over lake and skies 


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