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29th July 2022

Experimenting with images, layers and textures
































Hello from the bat cave

25th July 2022

In the slightly scrambled words of Marvin Gaye, here's what's been going on

After my last solo exhibition, 'Francis, Reflection and Roses', I vowed to get away from bright colours - I had spent two years drowning in hues and wanted to strip things back. Several years later I am ready to embrace some brightness again - albeit slowly! I also made the decision to move away from glass and wood, which felt like a betrayal of a medium I adored, but the new work needed to be grounded with the earthiness of canvas.

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration in my new work.








Donte's Blue Thread (2022)                                                                   Blue Batman (2022)  


Letterboxd Art Movies  

25th July 2022

Best films featuring art or artists

Do yourself a favour and head over the Letterboxd and check out this dope compilation of films featuring art and artists.







Letterboxed Films featuring art

You can find me on Letterboxd HERE

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Revisiting the Dougal MacKenzie exhibition
at the MAC Belfast

24th July 2022

A Dream and an Argument’ at The MAC, Belfast, 30th June-8th October 2017

Five years ago I visited The Mac in Belfast to see Dougal MacKenzie's exhibition, 'A Dream and an Argument'. The show touched me very much and is one think about today.



The MAC, Belfast website:

The Mac Belfast

Dougal Mackenzie:

Dougal Mackenzie

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